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Corkagh Regional Park
Corkagh Regional Park is a major asset in the amenity infrastructure of South Dublin County.

Corkagh Regional Park

The landscape of the park is typically rural in appearance. The large open expanses of grassland, which are a significant characteristic of the Park, add to this rural feeling. Panoramic views through the Park's flat to gently undulating topography lead the eye to the foothills of the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains.

A major feature of Corkagh Park is the River Camac, which has been modified over the last 200 years with weirs and mill ponds. The river, living up to its name, follows a "crooked" path across the park from the western boundary to the extreme north east corner, usually with densely vegetated banks. It disappears underground, flows into ponds, branches and is re-joined, and is crossed by attractive stone bridges in several places.

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